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Duluth, MN

The Frandsen Bank & Trust now located at the skyway level of the Stanley Center, was a challenging project that began in June of 2017 and was certified for occupancy in late August of the same year.  The original project involved only a single office space being built out.  The client added an adjoining office space to the project after the project was underway.  NORDIC Group leveraged its close working relationship with its sister company, AMI Consulting Engineers, to allow the client to occupy their space at a significantly reduced budget and timeline by utilizing in-house engineering and CAD. 

The former spaces in this early 1900’s era office building have now been repurposed to bring new life to an area that was once struggling to thrive.  NORDIC Group's unique ability to work seamlessly as a design-builder made this project not only feasible, but successful.  Frandsen Bank & Trust is open for business in downtown Duluth, MN in a space that has drawn rave reviews. 

  • Features of Project: Converted 2 existing office spaces into a single new Commercial Bank space.
  • Key Services:
    • Carpentry
    • Architectural Metalwork
    • Stonework
    • Flooring
    • Structural Engineering
    • Custom Casework