Lafiteau, Haiti

In the winter of 2016 and spring of 2017, NORDIC Group, Inc.  was awarded a contract to repair and complete construction at the Port Lafito shipping facility for Seaboard Marine.  Three initial phases of construction were laid out to begin the project: Emergency Seawall Repairs, Dirt Work, and Final Construction.

Phase One was Emergency Seawall Repairs.  The repairs completed by NORDIC Group included fabrication of plate patches, underwater welding and burning, cement/grouting operations and rigging/ crane operations.   

Phase Two of the construction consisted of Dirt Work.   The task for dirt work included catch water basin installation, dredging pile driving, land grading, compacting and refurbishment and the removal of any bent or broken tie-rods. 

NORDIC Group, Inc. is slated to return to Haiti in early 2018 to continue the Dirt Work phase and move into final construction of the port.