Two Harbors, MN

NORDIC Group provided civil construction services for two neighboring clients requiring shoreline restoration and protection along 400 feet of the Lake Superior shore. The shoreline was failing due to erodible soils, heavy wave impact and ice action. Construction for both properties included the removal of existing vegetation/trees, interlocking 3-ton armor stone into revetment system over a filter stone and geotextile fabric at a 2:1 slope, building rock and earthen swales for runoff drainage, and installing biodegradeable erosion control blankets with native (deep rooted) grass seeed and new trees. 

The home owners desired access to the lake, which led to NORDIC installing select stones to create stairwayss, which were built into the armor stone revetment on each of the properties. 


Lake Access

High-Quality, Non-Fractured Armor Stone

Erosion Control

Site cleanup

Restoring Shorelines to Pre-Erosion Locations