East Branch of the Beaver River Restoration

Silver Bay, MN

NORDIC Group was selected by the City of Silver Bay to reconstruct a new river path, canceling the river's destructive U-shaped bend and creating a better flowing river. The excavated soils from the new river path were utilized to fill the spaces from the river's old pathway. The East Branch location of the Beaver River, nearest the Silver Bay Golf Course, was experiencing sediment issues due to the river's path cutting banks and causing shoreline trees to fall into the river. The high flows, damaged shoreline and riverbanks were affecting the habitat, a river-crossing for a railway, and the land owned by the golf course. 

Originally, the river had a hard horseshoe shape, which created the high velocity water flow. During the river restoration, NORDIC created 5,000 square yards of boulder jam cascade steps from rock materials found within the project site to create better fish habitats and provide better sediment control. 


  • Reconstructed New River Path for Safe Water Flow
  • Created Boulder Jam Steps and Cascades
  • Installation of Toe Wood Along Shores
  • Stepped Fish Pools and Habitats
  • Natural Vegitation and Native Grass Restoration
  • Wildlife Marshes

Completed in 2018.