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Sault Saint Marie, MI

During the winter of 2016 and summer of 2017, NORDIC Group, Inc. worked to complete construction on over 1400’ of new sheet-pile wall for the Army Corps of Engineers.  The much-needed, new construction updated and secured the integral walls of the Sault Ste. Marie Lock and Dam system.  This lock and dam system is an integral piece to the inter-lake trading of major shipping companies and the economy of the Great Lakes Region and Upper Midwest. 

The underwater construction that NORDIC Group, Inc. provided included the excavation of a footer trench, setting of sheet pile, anchoring sheet-pile to the existing concrete wall with an approved epoxy/anchor-bolt system, torqueing the bolts, pouring a 2’ x 3’ concrete footer to prevent kick-out and then back filling the sheets with concrete to secure the new structure to the old structure.  Once the pour was complete, NORDIC Group Inc. welded on angle-cap plates and secured the plates at each in-pan/out-pan transition.  Final welding of nuts and bolts to prevent back-out was completed and Roen Salvage was able finish the upper concrete cap without delay.  This job was completed on time and within budget.