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Hermantown, MN

NORDIC Group provided construction services for the exterior renovations and planned improvements for Skyline Lanes in Hermantown, MN. This large exterior renovation included multiple types of finishes to complete the exterior remodel. Finishes included masonry, brick, panels, siding, stell trim and other specialty products. Refacing included energy improvements and sealing of bulding envelope to meet new code requirements. NORDIC completed its work in a timely manner to meet the owner's grand opening goals. 


  • Two new heavy lintels in existing masonry wall¬†
  • Construct three new stoops at mandoors
  • Demolition & disposal of exterior finishes & exterior walls
  • Steel erection
  • Insulation
  • Excavate, form, pour and backfill new footings and CMU foundation walls beneath exterior building walls
  • All exterior finishes
  • Painting