NORDIC Group has highly trained, certified professionals committed to providing quality commercial diving services, including inspection, survey, maintenance & repair, construction & rehabilitation and technical support services. Our years of service, and our steadfast commitment to safety, allow us to successfully complete any underwater project need.

Commercial Diving

NORDIC specializes in underwater repairs and assessments to dams, bridges, industrial structures, docks and dolphins. Our experienced, professional team can safely perform underwater welding, rock drilling, epoxy crack injections, hull cleaning and trash rack repairs. We are trained in form and pour concrete, stone tuck-pointing, piling repair, jacketing, grout repair and pressure grouting. All NORDIC divers are ADCI certified and have been through rigorous training. NORDIC stays up-to-date on all certifications, is full insured and will acquire additional training or certification as needed.

Marina & Docks

NORDIC’s full-service approach assists the owner through every phase of a project from conceptual design to permitting all the way through construction. Our team of designers and installers can customize many types of dock systems to meet project needs. NORDIC can supply and build floating and fixed docks that consist of wood, composite, concrete or specialty docking, as well as install dock utilities and other supporting service equipment. Our extensive experience in designing, rehabilitating, expanding and building docks and marinas of all sizes allows NORDIC to develop and create solutions that exceed client needs.

Dredging, Capping & Sediment Assessment

NORDIC’s unparalleled understanding and knowledge in dredge management enables us to develop economical procedures to address our client’s needs. With our experienced permitting staff, NORDIC meets project goals within the boundaries established by regulatory agencies that pertain to dredging, sediment build-up and removal. We are equipped with vibratory sampling equipment, hydraulic and mechanical dredging equipment, and have a strong passion for marine and sediment projects. NORDIC is experienced in capping underwater contaminants to protect marine sties and return them to clean and safe environments.


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